Our Services

3D Scanning

Exceptional 3D scanning services for precise digital replicas. Elevate your projects with accuracy and efficiency, capturing intricate details for diverse applications.

CAD Modelling

Precise CAD modelling for manufacturing, translating concepts into detailed 3D models and drawings. Elevate your production process with accuracy and efficiency in every design iteration.

Engineering Design

Innovative engineering design services, merging creativity with technical expertise to deliver solutions that not only meet industry standards but also surpass expectations with precision and flair.

Reverse Engineering

Specialized reverse engineering services, utilizing cutting-edge technology to meticulously analyze and recreate physical objects with precision and efficiency.

Product Development

Strategic product development services, guiding ideas from concept to reality with a focus on innovation, quality, and market success.

Rolling Stock Surveys

Comprehensive rolling stock surveys, integrating advanced 3D scanning and surveying for precise data collection and analysis in transportation and railway industries.

Manufacturing Models & Drawings

Elevate production with our precise CAD models. Bridging design and manufacturing for success. Join us where innovation meets efficiency.

Preliminary Design Surveys

Using 3D scanning to support project feasibility studies. A cost effective way to establish whether a project is a viable at the initial concept stage.

Artefact Scanning & Digital Archiving

Preserving cultural heritage with precision. Artefact scanning includes contemporary sculptures and art, transforming history into immersive digital experiences.

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